Research Before You Buy Puppy

Research & Ask Questions Before You Buy Your Puppy

Puppies from puppy mills are often sick, physically and mentally injured, may have some temperament issues or even serious genetic defects. Before you buy any puppy, do your homework and proper research. Learn how to ask the right questions to protect yourself and make sure your purchase is not supporting the cruelty of puppy mills. Keep in mind that responsible breeders would never allow their puppies to be sold in pet stores and they often have a waiting list for their puppies.

Some important questions to ask:

  • Could I have full name, address and phone number of the breeder?
  • Can I have a copy of the breeder’s USDA inspection?
  • How many dogs did the breeder of this puppy have?
  • Are the puppy’s parents alive, and how old they are?
  • Did they live in the house or in kennels?
  • What type of the kennels your puppy breeder use?
  • How big are the kennels?
  • Are the kennels raised wire hutches?
  • Do you have Pet-Shop Guarantee?

There is a chance that the pet store employees or management will refuse to answer any or some of your questions. Insist on all answers and don’t buy before you are fully satisfied.

NOTE: If you do decide to purchase a purebred dog, ask the seller if any of the relatives ever have been bothered by the conditions listed for that breed.

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