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Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are sure the most effective possible ally of the hunter, as they sniffle and scavenge for prey in the deepest and gloomiest brush of the forest. In that respect you should explore various possibilities for a hunting dog type that you can take on your next hunting trip. The type of dog you are going to choose for your hunting should be directly associated with the type of hunting you are projecting. If you are being after fur-bearing animals, for example, you would be more satisfied with a hound dog than you would be with a terrier. Regardless of what dog you prefer to take with you on hunting trip, we are certain that you will have a new friend by the end of your hunting journey. Make sure that you select the right type of hunting dog before your trip, so you can enjoy the best possible hunting season.

The hounds are the most common category of hunting dogs. They are in reality divided into two classes or sub-categories: the sighthound and the scent hound. As their names imply, each sub-category of dog type refers to a certain skill that the dog tends to be more skilful in.

Sighthounds, suchlike the Whippet, are adapted to hunting because of their high visual acumen. They apply a technique that is recognised as coursing, referring to the notion of spotting the prey from a farseeing and following it in a immediate pursuit.

Scent hounds, similar to the Coonhound, work by scent rather than sight. They incline to pick up on a tracing of the prey from the ground and pursue that scent, hopefully to the target. Scent hounds frequently work in packs and are considered as owning some of the most sensible noses of all other dog types.

The next popular group of dogs used for hunting are the Gun dogs. Gun dogs are used largely by short range hunters using shotguns. Their names are reflecting the particular skill they have to offer to the hunter. There are three popular sub-categories of gun dogs:


1. The Flushing Spaniels,

2. The Pointers and

3. The Retrievers.

The Flushing Spaniels, such as the English Cocker spaniel, are utilized to locate and spring the prey for the hunter. They are aimed to stay close to the huntsman, assuring an easy hunting.

The Pointers, such as an English Setter, tend to “point out” the prey by pointing at upland birds or other upland animals being hunted. They also some of the times help to flush the prey out from their hiding spot.

The Retrievers, at one time known as Water Spaniels, are great dogs for finding and capturing shot or killed game for the hunter. For example, if the huntsman kills a bird, the retriever heads over to pick it up and brings it back to the hunter.

Another popular type of hunting dogs are the terriers. They are used to hunt mammals, for the most part. Terriers, such as the Lakeland Terrier, are used to locate the actual hideout of the animal and spring or capture the animal. Some terriers are bred to kill the animal at the animal’s den. A large number of terriers are used to hunt what are known as “pest species”. The pest species refer to groundhogs, hunted by the Jack Russel Terriers, or the badger or fox, hunted by the Fell Terrier. The rules, regulations and legality of some of these huntings are in question, so you should check with your local authorities before you arrange your hunting trip.

Regardles of their type and special skills they may have, hunting dogs are still very popular option for hunting. Whether you select a sighthound, scenthound, gun dog or terrier, you can be confident that your fellow hound will be working very hard for you at discovering your prey. Using a hunting dog can not only provide great companionship, but it can bring prey right to your footstep and literally take the hunt out of hunting. They not only make a vigorous hunting companion, they also make excellent domestic animals.

Article Source: Romwell Travel Advisory – Hunting Guide

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Choosing Your Dog – Pet Shop Puppies

Over ninety percent of the dogs sold in pet stores in the United States come from puppy mills. Don’t be misled by pet shop employees or owners who usually claim that their dogs come from “good breeders” or that their puppies are “hand picked” by the store manager or owner. Learn how to ask right questions for your own protection. Paying a high prices and AKC (American Kennel Club) registration papers DO NOT guarantee a quality, and physically and mentally healthy puppy.

Puppy mill puppies are not sold only in pet stores, you can find them all over the internet, newspaper ads and even through your local farm market. They will sell puppies to anyone with the money to pay for them. By purchasing a puppy from a pet store or from the source you didn’t research properly it is very likely that you are supporting inhumane practices of puppy mills.

If for any reason you decide to take your chance and buy your puppy through a pet store, please be careful. There are many things you must watch for before you decide to buy a puppy from a pet store. Many pet stores offer a health guarantee. Find out everything you can about that guarantee before your purchase.

Questions to Ask About Pet-Shop Guarantee

  • Does the guarantee cover ALL medical expenses, regardless of the cost?
  • If all medical expenses are not paid, which part is covered with the guarantee?
  • Will they let you use your own vet or the pet store only let you use their vet?
  • What if you are not satisfied with the vet they suggested, will they cover the cost of a vet of your choice?
  • Who will be responsible for the veterinary costs if a puppy is afflicted with a heritable disease which may not manifest itself until later in life?
  • If your puppy get sick, and their policy require you to get another puppy, what if the second puppy also get sick? Will they refund your purchase price?
  • In case your puppy suffers from hip displaysia year or two years after your purchase, will they cover the cost of the surgery?

Will they refund you the price of the puppy — or will they require you to bring the puppy back to them for a new puppy? You Deserve to Know the Truth – Get FREE Puppy Report from a non-profit organization, and a federal 501c3 charity with objective to bring awareness to the public about the nature of the commercial dog breeding industry so you can make informed and educated decisions about your next puppy purchase.

Watch the videos:

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Bullmastiff Good Companion & Guard Dog

If you are looking for a good companion and guard dog to live in your house and share your family life choose Bullmastiff. This excellent dog is result of breeding, between the Bulldogs and the Mastiffs. The Bullmastiff inherited from the Mastiffs the stature and body, being at the same time fast and active like Bulldogs. Loyal, gentle, a good companion and play mate for children, he still remains an excellent guard dog.

Although the Bullmastiff gains official recognition in the year 1924, the modern breed being created from the early seventeenth century. It is also obvious that there have always existed crossings between the two popular breeds. Both of British origin, but differently orientated through selection, they gave the final product a sum of qualities very appreciated among the breed lovers.

The main reason this breed was created is the mixture of guardian abilities with courage, seeking to obtain a dog faster than the Mastiff that could protect hunting guards and can also help capturing and immobilizing illegal hunters. Actually the Bullmastiff was once called the Gamekeeper’s Night Dog, which means the night dog of the hunting guard.

It appears that perfecting the breed and accomplishing the correct mixture took almost 30 years. Bullmastiffs gained fans all over the world, and they were preferred to Mastiffs because they were smaller, easier to control and care for.

The Bullmastiff, a dog that will never act naturally violent, must not be abused in any way. He feels at his best next to a master that has lots of patience. In society he is pretty quiet and relaxed, assuming he has been brought in contact with people since he was little. When he is still a puppy he must grow used to petting and to strangers.

Equipped for guarding, the Bullmastiff has some incredibly quick reactions and he will protect his owner even with his life. In family he is a pleasing friend, loving and patient with little children. Playful, he will love children and let them do anything to him without fighting back. He needs wide spaces to exercise and run freely.

Bullmastiff like to be always around his master, and just regular time spent caring for your Bullmastiff will strengthen the bond between you and your dog as well.

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