Dogs Can Change Your Lifestyle & Improve Your Health

If you want to change your lifestyle for better get a dog. For some of you who don’t believe me, I suggest to try and see for yourself. More than we know or want to admit, dogs as object of our love or repulsion, have real power to affect our lifestyle.

Each and every one of us has gone through at least one experience that included a dog. Whether sad or fortunate, these experiences exist and cannot be ignored. As every other marking moment emotions triggered by a dog at some point influent our ways from that moment on.

Just for fun I want to show you what I mean by giving a rather unknown example to prove my point.

Let’s say you are middle aged person like me who tried already every diet in the world to loose a few ponds. And naturally, nothing worked. Well, one evening, rainy evening of course, you come across a little fluffy puppy abandoned just next to the stairs in front of your apartment house. You don’t necessarily plan to adopt or buy dog, but this one seems different and so alone, maybe even a little sick, that you feel pity (you think) for little fellow and take him in… just for the night. And then you keep him another night, and another one till he officially becomes your pet – you can’t deny it anymore. You walk him every day at fixed hours and, although you forgot all about your weight problem being too busy petting the little pet, you amazingly reached undreamed results in that particular problem. Surprised?

You shouldn’t be, it’s known (by some at least) that regular daily 20 – 30 minutes walks are the best exercise of all and the best support for your diet and healthy lifestyle. If you try them on your own, you might get bored and give up. But with a dog, the little walks are a must, they have to be done, they are fun and soon you can’t miss any of them.

So, the little innocent fluffy puppy not only made you a better person since you let him into your house (and heart), but also solved the problem you had that all your determination and lost money on diet products couldn’t solve.

If this story from my own experience wasn’t convincing enough, just try it. Get a dog. And miraculously you will be a different person. I know I am now.

Healthy living includes being active, feeling good about yourself and eating properly. Road to GOOD Health is a very INDIVIDUAL one. Willingness to keep looking until you find something that works for you is very important, because what works for one person may be a complete turnoff for another. Once you’ve discovered what suits you, it doesn’t take long to develop a passion for it. It doesn’t take much to start living a healthier life.

Article Source: Romwell Health Pages

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