Dog Food Secrets – Basic Steps For Better Canine Health

Dog Food SECRETS™ is your survival-guide to a healthier, happier dog that lives manu years longer than dogs whose owners feed them commercial dog food and don’t follow the comprehensive steps outlined for you.

“This Is What You Must Do, Starting Today, If You Want Your Dog To Live…”

If you want to save your dog from the horrific death suffered by hundreds of other dogs in your local area, probably in the last year alone, then you MUST follow these 3 steps:

Step 1Stop using commercial dog food as your dog’s only or main source of food. This step is the most important and you should make the change in the next couple of days.

But you can’t make this change unless you have a good alternative plan in place.

I can show you a proven alternative plan, it’s much easier than you think and much cheaper than you’re spending now. I’ll get to that very soon.

Step 2Learn how to read commercial dog food labels.

I understand it’s not practical for most people to never use commercial dog food ever again.

Although not best case, you can use it sparingly for maybe a few meals during the week. (If this is you, you need to hear about The Confidential Dog Food Report and order Dog Food SECRETS™ )

The Grocery Manufacturers of America, the National Food Processors Association, and the Pet Food Institute join together and fight the FDA to keep the terms used as confusing and misleading as possible.

I learned how to decipher their deliberate ‘double-talk’ and I’ll show you how to understand it too…again, that’s coming soon.

Step 3Get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and start feeding your dog home made food. I have a huge collection I’m happy to share with you.

It’s very easy, if you know how to cook specifically for dogs. Just cook a large batch, freeze it and it can be eaten over several days.

But be sure you have a good source of recipes written especially for dogs because they have very specific requirements, different to humans.

It’s possible to love your dog to death with too much of the wrong foods.

Author and veterinary doctor, John M. Simon, says overweight dogs are…

“at increased risk for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, respiratory, immune and reproductive disorders, including cancer.”

You can learn how to easily complete each of those 3 steps and much more, just order Dog Food SECRETS™, one-of-a-kind, step-by-step survival guide that makes your dog live a longer,

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